The Company
Decades of market experience stand behind the Frusan brand and its commitment to quality.

Frusan is a Chilean company that has taken its place as the country’s leading producer and exporter of fresh fruit. Since its founding by five visionary fruit growers in 1979, the company has shown sustainable growth and now supplies the most demanding markets across the five continents.

Frusan currently exports to clients from more than fifty countries, maintaining long-term business relationships based on trust and looking towards the future. The company’s commitment is reflected in its team of skilled professionals, who ensure that all goals are met and who put product quality first.

The company also owns more than 5000 hectares of orchards and fruit growing land between regions IV and X of Chile – areas with a climate and geography that provide optimum conditions for a wide range of plants. Frusan also maintains fruit production and marketing agreements with growers in different areas of Peru.

Delivering a service of excellence to its growers and clients and seeking each day to improve the quality of its products and services.

As a company working in the food sector, we take great care to work only in clean environments, where our workers are trained and supervised in personal and food safety practices.

We value and reward effort and perseverance, guaranteeing equal opportunities as the driving force behind the development of the company and everyone who works for it.

We take our commitments seriously, conducting all of our tasks with responsibility and guaranteeing compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We are part of a company built on unity, founded on a relationship based on trust and teamwork, caring for our people and helping them to grow and develop.

We employ highly qualified and experienced personnel, managing resources based on our Strategic Plan, with all decisions based on serious analysis and reflection.

We do business in an atmosphere of respect, staying close to our people and the community, promoting good relations between colleagues, values, and care for the environment.

We are passionate about a job well done. We set high standards for our operations, and face all challenges with enthusiasm. We are proud to work at Frusan.


As part of its commitment to the quality and safety of its products, Frusan has implemented and certified an agriculture and manufacturing system founded on international standards, ensuring that traceability runs through all stages of production, from receipt to dispatch.

The company welcomes external audits by clients and by certification companies, and has procedures in place for annual scheduled internal audits.

Frusan personnel have the experience and skills needed for their work, and receive training that is updated each year. The company has also adopted automated processes and technological systems that allow high quality levels to be achieved.